Manufacturer and vegetable oil press

A good vegetable oil press can pride itself on producing as efficiently and ecologically as possible. Meeting high standards and imposed European norms results in higher and higher quality products obtained. A properly built and designed vegetable oil press is the real key to success. It can be a window to the world in any fast-growing company.

Its profitability will gradually and systematically increase, and there will be more and more satisfied customers. Vegetable oil press owned by AP ENERGY is mainly modern technology and the use of innovative solutions, based on years of experience and qualified staff.

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    Without GMO

    Niemodyfikowane genetycznie surowce.

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    GMP+ Certificate

    Ensures feed safety.

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    Polish Product

    Produced in Poland from polish raw materials.

Vegetable oil press

The highest quality products from the polish pressing plant

Performing high-quality pressing of vegetable oils leads to better and better brands of the resulting products. The entire technology of the vegetable oil press uses very professional and efficient presses, which can be used by putting them together in various configurations. Each time, they are specifically optimized to meet the needs of a particular application and order.

All of our machines feature a very wide performance range. Thanks to the possibilities of modification and the many ways of combining machines, we provide to our customers a wide range of customization possibilities of the solutions we offer on an ongoing basis to meet specific, sometimes very individualized requirements and needs regarding the pressing process itself.

Vegetable oil manufacturer

Efficient AP Trans oil mill<br />

Our vegetable oil press takes into account the differences in the structure and properties of different groups of oilseeds. Due to significant differences affecting the quality of the pressing process, in terms of the oil content in specific plants and grains, we optimize and program the pressing machines each time. We include specific types of seeds or whole groups of seeds.

As a manufacturer of vegetable oils, our company performs cold or hot pressing. It is strictly dependent on the temperatures at which pressing occurs. The pressing process itself can also be single-stage or two-stage. This takes into account of how many degrees of pressing the oilseed is given. Two-stage technologies are used to significantly increase oil obtaining. This happens mainly in the case of oilseeds with very high oil content (oil content here is more than 30% – in the case of sunflower or oilseed rape). Single-stage pressing is used for soybeans (the oil content here is about 20%).