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Golden Fish meal

Golden Fish soya meal is produced from selected soya seeds. It's characterized by high protein content and absorbability. […]

Hi Quality meal

Hi Quality soya meal is produced from selected soya beans. It is characterised by its high protein content and high assimilability. […]

Feeding oil

We produce oil mainly from Polish NON GMO soybeans, and during production we rely on natural cycles of equipment, without adding any chemical ingredients or solvents. As a result, our oil has very good digestibility and high energy value. Above that, it has a natural color, no impurities and no sediments. In our facility, soybean feeding oil undergoes a filtration process. It is an excellent feedstock, thanks to its very high content of OMEGA 3. acids and the predominant presence in the composition of very beneficial for animals unsaturated acids. All this makes the soybean oil produced at our plant an excellent component for lubricating feedingstuffs, which has a beneficial effect on animal growth.


  • high content of Omega 3 acids
  • polish production
  • GMO Free

Nutrition values:

  • Acid number, mg KOH/g : max 4
  • Water and volatile matter content %: max 0,3
  • Phosphorus content ppm: 300
  • Iodine number g l₂/100gr : max 125
  • Density at 15 deg C kg/m³ : 921.4
  • Free fatty acid content %(m/m) : max 3
  • GMO content: Does not contain / Not detected
  • Sulfur content mg/kg : max 11
  • Insoluble impurities content % (m/m) : max 0,2
  • Hexane content % : max 0.00

Organic cooking soybean oil

Organic edible soybean oil of the highest quality from selected Polish soybeans. […]

Golden Carp full-fat soya flour

Golden Carp full-fat soya flour is obtained from scarified, ground into powder, soya seeds. Comes in light yellow color with the usual soya scent. Due to a very valuable source of protein and vegetable fat, it is used for fishing groundbaits […]

Hi Quality Pro meal

Hi Quality Pro meal is a highest quality product with a high protein content and absorbability. It has a major impact on the herd gains and overall milk yield. […]