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Golden Carp

- protein content 38%
- fat content min.12%
- protein absorbability 95,5%

Hi Quality Pro

- protein content min. 46%
- fat content max. 7%
- absorbability min. 95,5%

Hi Quality

- protein content min. 44%
- fat content max. 7%
- absorbability min. 95,5%

Edible oil

- reduces bad cholesterol
- improves memory
- high content of vitamin E

Golden Fish

- protein content min. 44%
- fat content max. 7%
- absorbability min. 95,5%

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High amount of protein and vitamins in the meal

Our meal has a min. 95% absorbability by the animals, increasing the growth of the herd and it’s milk yield.

High quality confirmed by multiple studies

Every batch of our products is tested on it’s absorbability, any GMO contents and other parameters.

Healthy and strong herd

Our manufacture is 100% eco friendly, free of GMO, chemicals, and safe for animals.

Punctual delivery and supply

As a company, we guarantee that all the supply will arrive on time as planned.


AP ENERGY is a company producing soya meal and oil. It is a fully polish owned business. In a small town - Pawonków, began what is now known as the biggest oil press manufacture in Poland. From the very beginning it became very popular and well known, among big companies and solitary farmers alike. The opening of the manufacture created many new job opportunities. Thanks to that, many people found their dream full-time jobs here. Many contracts with local farmers and businesses have been made, which was fruitful for both sides, and resulted in plenty long term business relationships.

Soya meal and oil manufacture company AP ENERGY is innovative solutions, high quality and satisfied customers. It fulfills all the norms and requirements imposed by the European Union. The entire production’s norm is 100% eco-friendliness (free of chemicals) and high quality standards. The soya processing, as well as the grain storage, is done through high-tech, modern systems, keeping all professional standards. More

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    GMO Free

    Non-genetically modified raw materials.

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    EU ECO certificate

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    Polish Product

    Produced in Poland from polish raw materials.